Life is all about amazing experiences. Traveling, shopping, and sharing laughs with the people that you love. It's always fun to be spontaneous and just live in the moment - the magic of it all. These are the driving forces that propels us to create these spaces, these posts, these experiences.

With everything occurring in the world, it's also important to remember joy, love, and laughter. With this site, we hope to put more positivity and fun into the atmosphere and provide an unique experience unlike anything ever done before.

Explore the site, read the blog, check out the portal, become a member, and experience it all. There is so much to see - and it's just the beginning.

See you around the site,

- Glenn


The Great/Infinity spaces has always been about what the supporters want. Starting off as a music/news blog, it slowly evolved into interest forums, then an entertainment site, and now multi-faceted branded internet hub.

The best is already here and the future is infinite. Thanks for rocking with us all these years and for the valuable feedback! Let's have some fun!

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